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February 2, 2011  •  by Jane Carter

Improve the planning segment of your event by selling tickets online

Ticketbud.  Combine that strategy  with these tips to become a more efficient event planner!

  • 1.  Draft a meeting schedule that works with your (already packed) calendar.  This will help eliminate last-minute changes or having to meet with members of your meetings on the side.
  • 2.  Make sure your attendees know what to have at the meeting beforehand.  We suggest them to draft up activity reports to be emailed beforehand to the leader from each member/team.  This will allow the leader to address what hasn’t been answered or topics of concern.
  • 3.  Plan another appointment right after the meeting.  This could be a gym visit, dinner with a roommate or even another meeting.  This will allow you to immediately get straight to the point and end he meeting when YOU want it to.
  • 4. You should summarize your to-do items at the end of each meeting. Don’t spend time on everybody else—just make sure everyone knows that you’ve got your tasks locked on and ready to fire.
  • 5. ALWAYS master being the prime meeting attendee or leader. Whether you are on video chat, in person or on the phone, dominate every single meeting with an optimistic mindset and strive to provide solutions. Never…ever….be late.
Start planning…Start growing something, Ticketbud Team]]]]> ]]>