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July 1, 2011  •  by Jane Carter

How social media can help you sell tickets!

Social media has officially become a part of our everyday lives.  From networking with associates on LinkedIn to chatting with friends on Facebook to following celebrities on Twitter, the world now operates through texts, posts, and tweets, shrinking the world we live in and connecting the people that inhabit it.  While this explosion of social media can sometimes be confusing and often overwhelming, it can also be your best friend when planning an event.  Here are some key and tips ways to utilize social media to its fullest potential: Planning As with any event, your first step should be to plan and social media can play a huge part in this.  Skype, for example, is an extremely efficient and useful way to brainstorm and communicate with vendors and other event planners without having to stress over location and availability.  Google Docs is another great way to collaborate on ideas and allows you to share and update information securely with invited users over the Internet. Organizing & Inviting Creating a list of friends, speakers, vendors, etc you want to invite may sound obvious and simple but it can get messy if your not organized.  Creating a blog on WordPress or using PBworks, a wiki that lets you add notes, edit information, and organize content, are helpful ways to organize your lists and general thoughts.  Additionally, always be sure to create a Facebook event as this will be one of the first places your invitees look. Promotion There are dozens of social media tools to help with the promotion part of your event, namely Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, and for business events, LinkedIn.  Since promotion is arguably the most crucial key to a successful event, it is important to try to use as many of these forms of social media as possible. Facebook and Twitter should be your primary promotional tools but uploading creative videos and pictures to YouTube and Flickr respectively is a solid way to increase the buzz around your event.  If possible, make it possible to link all of your social media promotional tools to one central page.  With Ticketbud , for example, customers can link their online ticketing page to Twitter, Facebook, and even WordPress, helping them to get the word out and bring possible guests to their event page. Event Optimization While this may sound fancy, it basically means making sure your event is social media friendly. ]]]]> ]]>