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August 6, 2014  •  by Jane Carter

Giant Product Update (8/6)

It’s been a hot minute since our last Ticketbud product update. With some HUGE projects on the horizon, we wanted to highlight what we’ve released recently before our new stuff steals the limelight. At the end of this post, please throw us some feedback on what features you’d like to see from Ticketbud, we are always listening 🙂

Access Codes

Along with giving our promo code system a facelift, we’ve also added access code functionality. Access codes allow you to create ticket types that are only visible to certain attendees with a particular access code. Think of it as a secret password for your guests. How can this be used?
  • Pre-sale tickets prior to publicly launching your ticket sales
  • Special membership pricing for your events
  • Allow vendors, sponsors, speakers, or volunteers the ability to register for your event to better track attendance
  • Password-protect your private event
You can create access codes under the Promote tab via your Event Dashboard. To setup, create the actual code, select the ticket types to hide, and schedule the time period for when the access code is valid for. Pretty similar to creating a promotional code. You can send attendees a link to the event page with the access code already entered in or give them the code directly.

Referral Codes

You can now track referrals through creating codes as well. This is a no-brainer when determining what marketing channels are bringing in the most money for your event. How can this be used?
  • Attribute ticket sales to your online advertising campaigns
  • Give a referral link to your event’s sponsors and monitor the traffic they bring in
  • Use a referral link to track print advertising (flyers, newspaper ads, etc.)
  • Manage your street team’s marketing efforts by assigning each of them an individual code to use
Once you have created your referral codes, Ticketbud’s platform will track ticket sales, number of tickets, clicks, and conversions for each individual referral code. This provides great insight into what campaigns are working and should allow you to adjust advertising spend accordingly.

Other Awesome Stuff

Updated Widgets + Text Link Generator

You can now embed either our iframe or Javascript widget. We like our Javascript widget as it’ll adjust automatically to your external site. We figured that by offering both, it’ll make it easy to integrate with web builders such as Squarespace or Wix. We also built a text link generator to easily create text links to use on your site. For the non-techies out there, this will help you create links to paste into your webpage without having to bother your web designer.

Email Notifications For Ticket Sales

Checking ticket sales is one of the most habitual tasks done through Ticketbud. Seeing how many tickets have been sold to your event is strangely addicting. To feed your addiction, you can now setup email notifications for you and your organization. Via the Invite Collaborators tab, you can share daily sales emails to other email addresses as well as yourself. This will trigger a once-a-day email with daily and total ticket tallies. Via My Account, you can also choose to receive an email notification every time a ticket is sold.

Beautification of the event page

We hope to never run into the situation where all Ticketbud events look the same. That’s just plain boring. As a preventative measure, we’ve tweaked our CSS editor and added the ability to upload a background image. We immediately saw an uptick in great looking event sites once releasing background images. Through updating our CSS editor you can see the edits you make in real-time. Designing your event site on Ticketbud should be super efficient to do now.

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