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May 27, 2011  •  by Jane Carter

Get Your Tickets for "SUDAC: The Story Of Father Zlatko Sudac"!

The thought-provoking and insightful documentary “Sudac – The Story of Father Zlatko Sudac” will be making its red carpet premiere screening on June 9th at the Portage Theater in Chicago.  Directed by Dominik Sedlar, the film focuses on the life of Croatian priest Zlatko Sudac, a man best known as one of only a handful of priests in the long history of the Catholic church to ever have what is know as the Stigmata, marks resembling those on the crucified body of Christ.   Hosted by Vision Films, the screening will also feature a Q & A session with, among others, legendary film icon Armand Assante and Sudac himself, who will join the session via Skype from his native Croatia.  Doors for the premiere open at 5pm with the program starting at 6pm.  Tickets for the event, which include a gift DVD with never before seen footage of Father Sudac not used in the documentary, are $30 and can be purchased through Ticketbud.  This is an exciting event offering a unique look into a mystery rarely discussed within the Catholic church so come out for what’s sure to be a fantastic night!]]]]> ]]>