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February 9, 2012  •  by Jane Carter

Get tickets online for a modern approach to classical music in New York!

Chip Miller: “Classical music wasn’t written to be stuffy. It wasn’t that long ago that entire communities would gather in the town hall regularly for live music. The audience was the young, the old, the wealthy, the poor… lawyers, doctors, farmers, and fishermen. There were no cushy chairs. There were no printed programs. Sometimes there was a stage. Sometimes the children would sit on the floor inches from the performer. Most of the audience would be on benches, or standing. There was no politeness. There was little separation between audience and performer.” Chip has been hosting an awesome event since 2009 called “Bach In Jeans”, a series of informal concert-lectures on the lives and music of great classical composers. The event is near Madison Square Park at the W.M.P Concert Hall in New York.  You can get online tickets on Ticketbud prior to the event.  The $20 tickets on their event page get you drinks and a unique performance. The Ticketbud Team feels like they are already at the event because a good bit of classical music is constantly playing during work, and we are no strangers to working in jeans!

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