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September 17, 2015  •  by Sean Burke

Facebook Events – Read Receipt Apocalypse Now

here and of course, everyone is freaking out over absolutely nothing. I’m just going to do a short post on why this is a great change! I’m instead going to be positive about this change, and I’ll tell you why: remarketing. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="268"] Pls respond :<[/caption] How many times have you gone to a website with the intent to purchase something, but then something else came up and you forgot about it? How often do you not buy something the first time you see a commercial or product placement, but only after seeing it for a couple times? If you really want to appreciate an album, you need to listen to it multiple times. When you see a read receipt for a friend that you invited to an event but they haven’t accepted it (or done anything about it), don’t get discouraged. Instead, view this as an opportunity to reach out to those who may have seen your event but didn’t do anything about it.  Especially for Facebook, where there is so much going on, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. I highly recommend messaging each person (individually! group messages suck) who has a read receipt but took no further action. You may find that they may respond to this and say that they’d love to go, or maybe that they can’t because of a conflict. No matter the answer, at least you got something. And you will most assuredly receive more people to your event because of your simple outreach. After you message a person twice and still have received no response, feel free to write them off – after all, a Facebook “friend” isn’t exactly the same thing as a friend you hang out with all the time. Anyway, that’s all for me – I only wanted to take a look at this new feature from a positive angle rather than one of disgust or confusion.]]]]> ]]>