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June 27, 2011  •  by Jane Carter

Event Tips From the Event Experts, Ticketbud!

grow. We are extremely proud of our website and software which enables us to more quickly, cheaply, and efficiently handle the organizing of your event, so you can handle the running of it.  And now we’d like to help even more. As our experienced staff has had their fair share of event planning, we figured that we might as well let you in on what has worked for us, as well as what hasn’t.  Today, we offer a tidbit of advice sure to help any type of event achieve desired success. No matter what the event or who the attendees are, figuring out exactly what you want people to leave with is of utmost importance.  If you’re planning an event to raise funds, understand how this will affect the guests.  If your main goal is for fun socializing among the attendees, make sure to plan every detail so that it affects the mood and creates a setting ripe for easy and enjoyable interactions.  Chances are that if you’re throwing one event, you’ll be throwing another in the future, so make sure that when people leave, they can’t wait to come back. Help grow your event by selling tickets with Ticketbud today!  Check our blog often for more helpful event planning tips.  ]]]]> ]]>