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May 1, 2012  •  by Jane Carter

Ticketbud May Cancer Research Funding Campaign

Donate to Cancer Research with the Click of A Button During Ticketbud’s May Cancer Campaign

Selling tickets online is easy.  Now help us raise cancer awareness! In honor of those we have lost and those struggling with the fight against cancer , Ticketbud is proud to announce that through the month of May, we will donate .50 cents for every “Like” we receive (up to 10,000) on our Facebook page directly to the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR). The AACR is one of the world’s foremost cancer research organizations, actively seeking to prevent and cure cancer through research, education, communication, and collaboration. Ticketbud will be promoting this campaign throughout the month in the hopes of raising as much money for cancer research as possible.  We will also be highlighting courageous individuals, organizations and events striving to rid the world of this deadly disease. Cancer research is a subject very near and dear to the Ticketbud heart and through this campaign we strive to increase cancer awareness and activism by making a donation effort as simple as clicking a “Like” button.  Ticketbud also continues to honor it’s creed of waiving all fees for cancer related events that use us. We hope you will join us in our effort to raise funds for the AACR by “liking” Ticketbud and sharing this campaign with your friends and family. You can “Like” to donate by going to the Ticketbud Facebook page. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXcvytmU7so&feature=player_embedded  ]]]]> ]]>