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June 19, 2012  •  by Jane Carter

Networking: Leveraging Your Connections for More Ticket Sales

Having the pre-event jitters? Worried that your event might not get the traction it needs to be a hit? Fret no more! You have more ticket-generating resources at your fingertips than you probably thought. Look what you know: tap into your personal contacts, look at people who have attended your events in the past, reach out through social media and blogs, and try running online and offline ads. Your event will be a breeze.

Personal Contacts

Don’t be afraid to send an email to your personal contacts about your event: you never know who might be interested. Build on a pre-established connection and reach out. Try giving your personal contacts a special insider discount to your event, or offer to give away free tickets for the first xx attendees. Send them the link to your Ticketbud event page so they can check it out and buy their tickets online. Your guests One way to get attendees for your upcoming event is to look at who came to your last event – reach out to these people and offer them a special discount if they came to an event in the past. This encourages repeat customers! Another way to utilize your guests is by giving them an outlet to talk about your event. Give them a place on the Internet — whether it be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or any other website — to let them post about how excited they are. After they purchase their tickets, Ticketbud gives your guests the option to share their purchase on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn automatically. You’e welcome 😉 medium_3231178720 Social Media and the Blogosphere  Social media is a great way to advertise and promote your event online for free and get your guests excited. You can share special discount codes through these outlets, too. And don’t forget about blogs! Blogs are like the hippie cousin of the Internet, and they definitely bring something quirky to the table. The blogging community is a great resource to tap into for promoting your event — bloggers love to network and cross reference other blogs, so this mentality could help your event gain traction in the blogosphere. We at Ticketbud can vouch for the power behind social media: the top events that use our website to sell tickets ALL use Facebook and Twitter to advertise their events, which definitely lends to their event’s success. Don’t miss out on these opportunities to connect with your guests through social media. Offline and online ads Try using ads through social networks like Facebook to generate interest and target specific audiences. You can even go old school and use print ads to promote your event. If you work in an office, consider putting up something on the bulletin board by the water cooler; if you’re into guerrilla marketing, you can take your print ads to the streets and hang them around your city. Whatever you need to do to make the most of your publicity campaign: just don’t forget to direct your readers to Ticketbud! photo credit: JefferyTurner via photopin cc photo credit: StockMonkeys.com via photopin cc]]]]> ]]>