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January 15, 2019  •  by Lisa Carson

The Future Of Event Ticketing Is Mobile

Increase ticket sales with a mobile optimized checkout

Mobile is changing the way consumers are researching and buying tickets for events. With more consumer time being spent on mobile devices, one of the biggest opportunities for growth in event ticketing lies in the mobile experience.

Mobile devices are the preferred way to access content online, with more searches now taking place on mobile devices than on desktop computers. While consumers do much of their pre-purchase research on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), to date there has been a lower conversion for people completing purchases on mobile. Complicated checkouts are a major factor in around 69% of purchases being abandoned at checkout. A mobile optimized checkout, must be a priority.

Mobile isn’t just the future of e-commerce, its impact is being felt in the present and absorbing a greater share each year. Mobile is becoming the primary driver of e-commerce growth with year-on-year statistics showing more consumers are making mobile purchases. During November and December 2018, mobile devices accounted for 59% of e-commerce traffic and 40% of completed purchases. However this gap in consumer time spent on mobile versus their purchase dollars spent, continues to narrow. Various sources project that mobile commerce sales worldwide will reach between 54% and 73% of total e-commerce spending by 2021.

What’s driving the increase in mobile purchases?

The shift in mobile purchasing can be attributed to factors such as streamlined mobile checkouts, more responsive mobile websites and apps, and even increased screen sizes. This growth is expected to continue in 2019, with young consumers a driving force behind mobile purchasing. However it’s important to be aware that mobile consumers will abandon transactions quickly if the experience is difficult or flawed.

With an audience on mobile ready to buy, the purchase process just needs to be simple. Enhanced user interfaces and creating mobile optimized experiences are significant to this. Adding greater payment flexibility, including one-click payment options such as Apple Pay and Google Pay creates another advantage, especially in event ticketing.

How does a streamlined checkout and one-click payment increase ticket sales?

There are two factors at play:

  1. Reducing friction at checkout – Any step along the path to purchase that gives the customer difficulty or time to rethink the purchase, is going to impact sales. Making the path to purchase frictionless by removing hurdles and pain points makes it easier for people to buy.
  2. The cashless effect reduces the pain of paying – The less visible the transaction, the easier it is for people to purchase, reducing the negative association we have parting with money. The ‘Cashless Effect’ suggests people spend more when they don’t see their cash being handed over. This effect has been shown with credit card transactions and now the ability to pay with the click of a button (or TouchID) makes payment even less visible. The less time spent thinking about the transaction (imputing credit card details for example) the easier it is to buy.

The appeal of Apple Pay and Google Pay for customers: 

  • Convenience – these integrations streamline the checkout process, saving time by enabling one-click or one-touch purchases. Pre-stored credit card details removes the need to input them with each purchase, making it quicker and easier to buy. Customers are spending more dollars when they can act impulsively and with a low-level of friction.
  • Increased security – consumers feel more secure knowing their credit card details aren’t being shared with multiple merchants. Fingerprint scanners add an extra level of security implemented by both systems (authentication with Touch ID or Face ID is mandatory for Apple Pay).
  • Familiarity – Apple and Google have established trust. Even customers who haven’t used Apple Pay or Google Pay before, are likely familiar with making purchases through Apple iTunes or GooglePlay from mobile devices (particularly millennials).
  • Privacy – purchases can be kept private, by not keeping transaction information that can be tied back to you.

Event organizers with the most to gain

A mobile optimized one-click checkout is particularly important to event organizers that rely heavily on mobile sales, such as multi-day pop-up events, hospitality and events targeting millennials. However with such a wide consumer base on mobile, taking advantage of impulse sale opportunities is valuable to all event organizers.

With an audience researching events on mobile devices, a seamless purchase process with fewer clicks and pain points will see an increase in conversion rates. There is therefore a significant advantage in partnering with a ticketing company that has mobile checkout experience top of mind.

Ticketbud commits to an advanced mobile experience in 2019

In 2019 Ticketbud has launched a mobile optimized checkout flow and enhanced user interface, with Apple Pay and Google Pay fully integrated in the checkout experience. 

For event goers – a mobile optimized checkout means the ticket buying process is made quicker and easier.

For event organizers – this translates to increased ticket sales, converting more people from the event page by reducing difficulties at checkout.

Ticketbud is committed to continual platform enhancements and mobile optimization. We are set to roll out a series of platform enhancements in 2019, to further improve the customer experience for both ticket buyers and event organizers.

Ticketbud mobile optimized checkout with Apple Pay integration