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October 3, 2012  •  by Jane Carter

5 Common Event Planning Mistakes (and how to avoid them)

Mistake #1:   Not having a clear contract. Solution#1:   Your contract must state the obvious; it is key to show your client what you are promising them. Important activities your client needs to be a part of such as meetings, and as well for the duration of time it will take, but the most important of all is cost. You do not want to botch up the cost. You have to consider everything that you will need for this event. (Food, drinks, parking, props, promotion) If you do not add up all the cost in the end you will be the one paying for the bill. Mistake #2:   Overselling your experience. Solution #2:  Yes, you want to sound like the ultimate event planner of all time, but be careful how far you take it. It is important to be honest about your skills, and what types of events you have done. Once you have lost the trust of your client it is hard to gain that trust back. Even if they decide to keep you on from there on out they might question your credibility and start second-guessing your decisions.  Mistake #3:   Not having event insurance.            Solution #3:  This one is a biggie. You do not want to be responsible for damages, cancellation, and injuries. Yes, it may not be your fault but as the event planner you are responsible no matter what. There are several different types of insurance. (Liquor, cancellation, third party damage, hired/non-owned auto, worker’s compensation) No matter the size of your event the worst can always happen and you must be prepared for the reality about to hit you.   Mistake #4:   Not confirming vendors that are booked Solution #4:  There are some cases when the clients decides to book some vendors themselves, make sure you double check that everything is on track. The last thing you want is arriving at the venue with the vendors not even there with the right props or with nothing at all. Mistake #5:   Not staying calm Solution #5:  Staying calm is important. Remember if you start to freak out what makes you think the client won’t start freaking out. You have to stay calm and collected. It would be a good idea a week before the event youthink of different scenarios that can go wrong and think how can I solve this problem so you can be mentally prepared for it all. Just remember stay calm you do not want to look like a mess. Jenifer Lopez makes planning a wedding look ever so effortless and romantic, but in reality it is quite chaotic. There is room for error and you must be prepared for the unknown. Don’t stress out too much if you do make a mistake.  As the saying goes, a truly wise person “learns more from their mistakes than they do from their successes!” photo credit: Lori Greig via photopin cc]]]]> ]]>