April 30, 2014  •  by Jane Carter

3 Ways To Make Your Event Go Viral

1. Use a Memorable URL url While planning your unique event page,  creating a catchy custom URL is crucial. Your typical URL is long can only be shared through copy and paste. However, once customized it can be shared on screen and also by word of mouth, opening up another dimension to promoting your event.  Not only does a custom URL sound cool, it looks professional and is easily shareable.d confusing so they can Don’t be afraid to get creative either!  Here are a few ideas to get your brain moving:

  • -If your event is celebrating Earth Day with a day of community service, use “” or even use the name of your organization!
  • -Planning your next 4th of July bash? Try “” on behalf of America!
  • -The Christmas season wouldn’t be complete without non-stop carols on the radio and and a URL such as “”.

2. Utilize Social Media

After you are finished planning the ins and outs of your event, it is time to start promoting! A medium of promotion that should never be undersestimated is social media. Countless people check their social media accounts every day and if your event has an online social-media-icons-300x225 presence, you are that much closer to going viral. Share the event page link, fancy URL included (see above), on your timeline  and groups that you’re involved with. If you know of a particular friend who would be interested in your event, don’t be afraid to message them personally, especially if you won’t see them in person before the event. Personalize the message so they know you are being genuine and not trying to solicit for attendees. Social Media Pro Tips:
  • -Facebook allows you to view the guest list in real time so you can make plans with friends before the event even starts.
  • -Ticketbud’s “Find Your Friends” feature shows you which of your Facebook friends have already registered for the event!
  • -On your Ticketbud event page, you can even show Instagram posts that have the hashtag/s of your choice, (#SouthPadre, #camping, etc.) making your event page that much more socially integrated.

3. Stay Active

active-wear Well, yes, it’s good to exercise regularly but that isn’t actually what I mean by staying active. Exercise your ability to communicate and remain engaged with your attendees. Stay active as an event host. Let your attendees know that you care not only about the event but them as well. If the event isn’t happening for some time, communicate with your attendees using friendly reminders, or messages to get them pumped for your event. Hosts of annual events should collect some photos from past years and share with attendees. Facebook has walls to post on and Ticketbud has email messaging to all or certain attendees. Use these tools to your adavantage! You can undoubtedly succeed flying solo but working with others on the event certainly helps.  Others’ individual networks and skills are at your disposal as well. Attendees love to see that an exciting event is not a one-man show and they feel that it is more likely to be a success.  ]]]]> ]]>