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February 1, 2012  •  by Jane Carter

Does your Valentine's know you are getting tickets online for an amazing evening?

Love will be flying around soon and technology of course has a part in it.

From Austin to San Francisco, there are an enormous amount of gatherings going down around the 14th of February.  Ticketbud is helping with a lot of events and they never cease to amaze us. Speaking of Austin to San Francisco, here are two events that we enjoy observing taking advantage of online ticketing.  

TANC’s Valentine’s Party at the beautiful W Hotel San Francisco.

Photo exhibits, live music by DW Band, Eu4ria and DJ Kat, games and prizes and an amazing night benefitting the Annual Thai Association NorCal v SoCal Soccer Tourney!


Valentine’s Day Bread & Circus Supper Club Vampire Dinner in Austin

Four courses of delectable little love bites for beloved guests to dip their fangs into. A adventurous yet romantic evening for you and yours.  Besides an amazing menu, entertainment will be provided by a Rat Pack inspired jazz band and vampire burlesque dancers. Dancing shoes are recommended for the bloodletting. Our love goes to the wonderful users taking advantage of self-service online ticketing with Ticketbud. Muah!  ]]]]> ]]>