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March 14, 2014  •  by Jane Carter

3 Reasons You Should Be Creating An Online Event Flyer

1. Better Creative Content Bringing your flyer online allows you to be much more creative in how you craft the messaging for your event. Using videos and the ever popular GIF are a great way to add engaging content to your page that goes beyond simply reading text or staring at a static image. Having your flyer online also allows you to make constant updates and changes to your event. Uploading new photos or adding new descriptions to in the text means your flyer can continually evolve and provide something fresh each time someone sees it.

2. More Than Just Messaging

With a normal, paper flyer, your audience can do little more than read and move on. When it comes to actually RSVPing or purchasing tickets, they have to take numerous additional steps, whether it be going to a location or looking up a website online. With an online flyer, you can craft your message about your event AND give people a place to take action all in one convenient place. In other words, readers can learn more about the event and then actually RSVP or buy tickets all on the same page. It saves your attendees time and energy, two conveniences that consistently lead to strong attendance numbers.

3. Promote Farther

[pullquote]An online event flyer, on the other hand, has an endless reach.[/pullquote] The biggest disadvantage to a paper flyer is that it’s extremely limited in its reach. Once you put it up it stays in one spot and is only viewable by the people who pass and actually take the time to read it.  An online event flyer, on the other hand, has an endless reach. Using your event web address you can post, promote and share your event flyer all over the internet (and by extension all over the globe). Your flyer can now be targeted to audiences of all kinds at any location and the best part is that it’s completely free! ____________________________________________________________ There are many more great reasons to create an online event flyer for your event but these three encapsulate the most important points. With an online presence for your event flyer, you can say more, your attendees can do more and you can send the flyer to a much more massive audience.      ]]]]> ]]>