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May 30, 2019  •  by Lisa Carson

Coverage for Unexpected Event Cancellation with Ticketbud’s Event Protect Integration

Ticketbud is excited to be the first ticketing platform in the US to launch an integration with Event Protect, the industry standard for event cancellation protection for ticketing platforms. We launched this integration as a solution to address a growing problem for event organizers. How to protect your ticketing revenue in the case of an unexpected event cancelation.  

“Over the past couple of years, the Ticketbud team has focused on refining our core features, improving application performance and launching one of the most mobile optimized and streamlined ticket purchasing interfaces in the industry. With the majority of this fundamental work launched and live, we’re now able to re-focus efforts on driving innovation in the ticketing industry. Ticketbud is committed to finding innovate solutions to help event organizers and we are looking forward to rolling out new features and projects like Event Protect”.

Ticketbud CEO, Kayhan Ahmad

Ticketbud’s core mission is to create the best platform for event organizers. To deliver on that promise we communicate closely with clients to gain feedback and understand the evolving problems of the modern event organizer.

Why Event Protect coverage is so valuable

Even the most organized of event professionals can’t control acts of nature. In 2017 a major festival Ticketbud works with encountered severe weather. During their 15-day festival, 4 days had to be canceled due to severe weather and flooding of the event grounds. Standing water and unsafe conditions forced the city to close the park the festival was using. Although there was a clear rain or shine, no refunds policy, organizers still did everything in their power to mitigate the damage and flooding to the event grounds, transfer ticket holders to another date, and accommodate a shift in ticket inventory. Even with these efforts, not every ticket holder was available to attend at a later date.

Another Ticketbud client running a multi-day Halloween festival experienced a very unexpected cancelation, after a squirrel chewed threw a power line. The loss of power at this outdoor evening event was a major safety issue, resulting in the cancelation of the first day of the event.

It was these types of unforeseen cancellations that led Ticketbud to search for a solution. We wanted to offer our event organizers the added security of  comprehensive protection against unexpected cancellation and to deliver an effective refund process for their ticket buyers.

The result was Ticketbud became a Member of Event Protect, one of the global Membership Programs and integrations provided by Protect Group.

Event Protect’s value proposition is simple and straightforward. In the case of a qualifying event cancellation, the ticket holder requests a full refund. Where adopted, Event Protect takes over the entire refund process, responds to the refund request, and if approved the due refund is sent directly to the ticket holder. Event Protect reduces the refund risk and loss for event organizers, while also providing ticket buyers with a 100% refund of their transaction –  including booking and payment fees. 

How does the coverage work?

When event organizers choose to opt in for Event Protect coverage it is incorporated into Ticketbud’s service terms.

With Event Protect in place, should the event be canceled due to qualifying unforeseen circumstances, their service will take over to refund ticket holders who claim a refund of their complete ticket transaction, including taxes and booking fees.

Event Protect provides the broadest set of covered scenarios outside of the event organizer’s control including adverse weather conditions, key supplier failure, revocation of licenses etc. Threats like rain causing health and safety hazards or severe winds knocking down scaffolding, tents or structures are common examples of scenarios that would likely trigger an Event Protect qualifying cancellation.

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Keep your eye on Ticketbud as we continue to drive innovation with new features and integrations, including our soon to be released Salesforce connector.