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April 2, 2012  •  by Jane Carter

British Handball is selling tickets to the Pinsent Masons' London Handball Cup 2012!

In an intricate game as unique and versatile as handball, one cannot begin to fathom how competitive and intense these events truly are. With the onset of the Olympic Games this summer fast approaching, the participating contenders of  the Pinsent Mason’s London Handball Cup 2012 step up to this challenge in a action-filled weekend at the beautiful Crystal Palace National Sports Centre in London! Handball fans everywhere will be thrilled to see such a variety of teams including Tunisia, Argentina, South Korea and, of course, Great Britain as they go head-to-head in consecutive matches and vie for the ultimate glory of becoming the champions of the London Handball Cup! Tickets for this exciting event, which goes from April 5th to April 7th, are available for only 6 pounds and children can go for free. There is also special offer for handball members using codes from EHA and SHA! Ticketbud is excited to provide online ticketing for such an incredible sporting event so whether your in London preparing for the Olympics or just on vacation, be sure to check out what promises to be a weekend of non-stop handball action and athleticism!]]]]> ]]>