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October 30, 2015  •  by Sean Burke

Picking The Best Event Registration Software

best event registration software.

Event Registration Software Pricing.

Perhaps you’re trying to run an event on a budget. While everything else we’ve mentioned is nice and all, the bottom line is you need to make as much money with the lowest fees possible. Makes sense. Most events on our platform are run by non-profits and event companies where every dollar counts. Two categories break up into two categories: service fee and credit card fee. The service fee is the cost you pay to the company that is hosting your tickets like Ticketbud or Eventbrite. The credit card fee is the fee that the companies who process the credit cards charge. Ticketbud and Brown Paper Tickets are your best options from a cost perspective. Ticketbud has the lowest service fee and credit card fee available. BPT has a higher service fee though they’ve built their credit card fee into their service fee.

When You Receive Your funds.

If finding the lowest payment option is important, getting your money as soon as possible is invaluable. Ticketbud is your best option for quick payouts. We offer daily payouts, ensuring that you get your money ASAP. Others typically release your funds days after your event ends. Make sure you consult with your event registration platform about payouts. Expenses for events build up. You don’t want to get stuck in a sticky situation. These are some of the most important factors for choosing the best event registration software that works for you. Based on your event’s needs, there might be other features that play a bigger role in your success. Meet with your planning committee to determine what you need from your ticketing solution. Get a demo if possible and give yourself time to make a decision. You won’t regret it.


When running your event, reliability is going to be your number one concern. No one wants to start selling tickets to an event only for the site to melt away like candle wax. Brown Paper Tickets is the oldest ticketing company on our short list, having started in 2000. However, Eventbrite hosts more events per year since it started in 2006. Regardless of their founding date, all four major event ticketing and registration platforms have been around for awhile. They’ve handled large number of events making them all reliable in handling your upcoming online ticket sales needs.

Customer Support.

Having available customer support is vital. I’m sure we can all admit that no matter how intuitive we are with technology, there’s comfort in having a solid support team to rely on. While FAQ’s are helpful, having a support phone number is definitely a game changer. Setting up your ticketing can sometimes be a complicated process. A live expert who’s willing to help can go a long way. Ticketfly offers Monday through Friday phone support during business hours. Ticketbud also offers phone support from our amazing team Monday through Friday during business hours. Ticketbud customers can also talk to a rep via live chat or email on a 24/7 basis. As an added bonus, Ticketbud offers 1-on-1 personalized demos that walk through each individual event’s needs.  Both Eventbrite and Brown Paper Tickets offer 24/7 phone support for their event customers though they don’t offer a live chat component.

Mobile Purchasing.

Mobile ticket purchasing has seen a dramatic increase in the past year. It makes sense – more people have a smartphone now then a desktop. Consumers use social media via mobile more as well. Social media also happens to be where people usually hear about events. So putting it all together, it’s easy to see why mobile ticket purchasing is important. What this means is that you need to make sure your online registration platform is mobile optimized. No one likes trying to make a purchase on their phone when it doesn’t work right. Luckily for you, all major ticketing platforms offer mobile support and allow for easy ticket purchasing. Score!

Customizable Event Pages.

Do you have a vision for your event that you want to see carried out across all marketing pages? Do you want to ensure that everything matches from the images used to the font that you write with? Yeah, we understand. It is your event so you should have it look how you want it to. Customizable event pages create a better experience for your customers! All major event ticketing platforms allow for a customizable user experience which includes descriptions, maps, photos, and colors used. With this said, test drive the providers you’re looking at. A great user experience is important and every event has specific needs from a design perspective.]]]]> ]]>