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May 16, 2013  •  by Jane Carter

How to Weatherproof Your Event

Ticketbud has for you before you start singing Lesley Gore’s, “ It’s My Party”. Remember the golden rule of event organizing! You must be organized hence Event Organizer and you must plan ahead! Always be 3 steps ahead of the ball game! You cannot go into it thinking that everything will be ok and work out as planned! Biggest rookie mistake buck-o! If you’re going to have an outdoor event think about rain, wind, or any other bad weather situation that can turn your event into a disaster. Let’s say it starts to rain in the middle of your event, or a strong gush of wind comes out of no where. What do you do? How could you prepare for this? Here are a few tips.  


  • Tent: One option that is very helpful is having a tent. Tents are a best way  to protect against unforeseen weather and having to switch your guest to other locations. Make sure you have heaters or air conditioners as back up just in case it gets too cold during the event or too hot. You want your guest to be comfortable and have a great time.
  • Supplies for Guest: You can buy several items for your guest. Have umbrellas, blankets and scarves. These items will be great to have just in case it begins to rain or to keep them warm.
  • Make Arrangements: Make arrangements in advance for use of indoor space. If there is  a clubhouse near by make sure that you have it set up just in case of inclement weather.
  • Muddy Situation: Try to avoid areas that have too much dirt on the floor, because if it starts to rain that dirt turns into mud. But if you have no other choice wood chips and hay are very helpful tools to use. Spread the wood chips and hay on the ground so your guest won’t get muddy. Believe me they will thank you for this.
  • Bug Crashers: Have candles that have insect repellant and scent free. This is help you get rid of unwanted bugs like flies and mosquitos. Torch smoke are said to be a good tool to use for the mosquitos.
  • Team on Board: If the weather starts to get crazy before the event even begins, make sure your team is on board with your back up plan. Everyone must know what they need to do and where to go. You can not have them running around clueless. Remember keep calm and be organized!


We can not control the weather but we can be ready for it! These tips can save you from complete panic and chaos! Happy Planning!

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