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October 25, 2012  •  by Jane Carter

It's A Wrap! ATX Startup Crawl

The music is playing; the beer is nice and cold, people greet you with smiles, what better way to mix business with pleasure. This past Thursday a few of Ticketbud‘s interns attended the ATX Startup Crawl hosted by Capital Factory; with over a thousand attendees exploring Capital Factory office and venturing downtown Austin riding shuttle buses making pit stops to BlackLocus, HomeAway, Ordoro, and Sredfast was a unique and interesting experience. The Startup Crawl is an ideal social event for investors, startup companies, and just the average Joe to share a cold beer and talk about Austin’s tech community.

Joshua Baer, founder of Capital Factory, knows a thing or two how to show case to Austin on what is happening in the tech startup community, and as a first time crawler I was taken aback with all the information and free merchandise, but loved every minute of it. Businesses were being born before my eyes.

Rockify founded by Joel Korpi, was one of the many startup companies who attended the Crawl. For those of you who do not know what Rockify is, it’s an online music video channel. Some may say it’s a Pandora of music videos, but after trying it myself I say it’s ten times better. It’s like how MTV use to be, you know when MTV was all about the music rather than what it truly is a bunch of reality TV shows. Rockify is and incredible music app, its free, fun, and an easy way to watch and discover new music. Another great startup company that attended was Vivogig. Did you miss ACL this past weekend or any other concert in the past? Well Vivogig, a concert photo app, allows fans to upload their photos and stream online for others to view. It’s a great way for fans to socialize and relive their concert experience with other fans, but also allows artist to expose themselves to people who have not yet discovered them. Zello was an interesting startup company I came across; remember when letters was a way for us to communicate with one another. Now we have phone calls, text messages, emails, and voicemails to leave messages. Well, Zello gives their clients live conversations at a fast free pace push to talk on your iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or even to your PC. You can create your own public or private forums, and access your account through your phone, tablet, or PC. Zello is the only place for live group communication. The most important factor in a business is to be able to understand your audience and whom better to help you understand the value of your audience than Umbel. Umbel is standard for how audience is measured. The company gives their clients insights about what people engage with a site, service, or brand. They are a great startup company to come across. Austin’s Startup Crawl is something every techie and entrepreneur must attend. Being around such motivated and brilliant people gives you such motivation to start a company of your own or be apart of the startup community. So a little advice for those of you who missed this year’s startup crawl, don’t be a fool and miss the next!]]]]> ]]>