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November 17, 2011  •  by Jane Carter

"Aliens on Ice": Selling tickets and blowing minds

Have you ever finished watching James Cameron’s sci-fi classic Aliens and wanted more?  Did the credits roll and you just wished that you could experience the thrills and scares of the film in person and maybe even on ice?!  If you did you’re in luck and if you didn’t you’re probably wishing it now so you too are in luck because the Old Murder House Theatre is presenting “the next step in the evolution of in-your-face entertainment” with “Aliens on Ice” this Friday, November 18th and Saturday, November 19th! The Old Murder House Theatre has made a habit of adapting classic movies like Back to the Future and Robocop for the stage and now they reach a new frontier as they present all of the chest-bursting action of Aliens from the Chaparral Ice skating rink!  Tickets for the Saturday, November 19th show are only $10 and can be found, along with directions and other information, at the “Aliens on Ice” event page! Ticketbud is thrilled to provide online ticketing for such an awesome Austin event so be sure to grab your tickets to catch all of the terrors of deep space live and on ice!]]]]> ]]>