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September 19, 2016  •  by Sean Burke

7 Reasons Why Ticketbud is the Best Alternative to Eventbrite

A lot of event organizers have been asking, what are the best alternatives to Eventbrite? It makes sense – as the biggest company in the self-service ticketing industry, there will be a good number of people that find its features lacking. Not to say that our competitor is a bad site, it’s just that it’s geared to try and be as encompassing as possible on a low level. There will be certain, specific features that are missing and this can cause someone (in this case, you reading this article) to look for something that fits them better.

I get another question just as often: Is Ticketbud a good Eventbrite alternative? Or even, why use Ticketbud at all? There are some key reasons as to why we’re the best alternative out there: expert customer support, competitive rates, and daily payouts. These three key reasons aren’t just a reason for an alternative but are strong in and of themselves.

1.Expert Customer Support Go to a lot of ticketing sites, and you’ll notice that you have to fill out a help form and then you’re stuck waiting for a response, by email. This is unacceptable, especially if you’ve run into an issue with the system you’re using and it’s urgent. No software is perfect, and having support on standby ready to assist is extremely important. Ticketbud offers phone, email, and chat support and is expanding its team all the time.

We’ve had clients in New Zealand and Australia comment how quickly we’re able to help them. Other times, an organizer just might have a question about the best way to implement features such as custom questions and polls, and our well-versed customer experience team is ready to offer suggestions.

In addition to our customer support team, we also have a Ticketbud Help Center to inform you more about Ticketbud and get all of your feature questions answered.

“The customer service has been second to none. Nothing has been an issue, and all of my queries from the other side of the globe have been answered super promptly. I’m impressed.” -Jonathan Powles, GS Adventures New Zealand

2. Competitive Rates – We’re Free to Use Let me start off by saying that Ticketbud is free for free events. Other systems might make you pay a monthly charge for your event, but not us. You can see in the image below that compared with our main competitor, we offer a significantly reduced fee. Credit card processing is something that we don’t make money off.

Ticketbud defaults to passing the service charge off onto your attendees, which makes Ticketbud 100% free for you to use! If you’d like, you can choose to incur the charge yourself.

Are you running a non-profit event? You can get an even better rate for the service charge that’s passed on – 1.75% + $0.99. Just contact our Customer Experience team with details regarding your event, and we will get you all situated.

“We researched a number of options like Ticketmaster and we found that the best bang for our buck was with Ticketbud. You deliver a great value for the fees you charge!”
-Clark Crook, Owner of 189 Public House

3. Daily Payouts
The third advantage that Ticketbud has over Eventbrite and other ticketing companies is that we offer daily payouts. When you sign up with our internal processor, you will get access to daily payouts for free. This means that you’ll be getting revenue from the previous day deposited directly into your account. No more waiting until after your event to get paid. Eventbrite does offer the option of weekly payouts, but you have to go through a rigorous process and you’re not guaranteed it. Most other alternatives to Eventbrite are similar in this approach. Plus, it’s still weekly – you have venues and caterers and other expenses to pay. Getting paid daily is the best and only choice.

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4. Repeating Events
Plan on running a yoga studio every Wednesday? Have a show that runs multiple days a week? Ticketbud’s got you covered with our repeating events feature. Because we’re so focused on the organizer, everything that we build and everything we do revolves around helping you achieve success.

5. All The Third Party Services You Could Ask For
Anything you want, from reporting to sales to email, is available to you with Ticketbud’s integration with Zapier. Some of our most popular connections are with Salesforce and Mailchimp. You can also import lead lists into Google Drive and Gmail.

6. Your Event Isn’t Competing With Everyone Else’s
A major style break occurs with Ticketbud versus Eventbrite – we are organizer focused, whereas they are attendee focused. Unfortunately, this has some implications for the organizer. Any event on Eventbrite will have a section on the bottom informing the potential attendee of other events happening in the same area, at the same time. So they might have been interested in your event at one point, but then they might see something they like even more down below. As we are Organizer focused, each event page is self-contained and there is no possibility that a potential attendee could happen upon a different experience.

7. Infinitely Customizable Event Pages
Your event isn’t a cookie-cutter template, your event page shouldn’t be one either! Once your event is activated, you can edit the CSS of your Ticketbud event page to your heart’s desire. We’ve had one corn maze edit their event page to include dancing scarecrows!
Want to get started selling? Watch this video showcasing all of the cool features we have to offer. Or, follow along as you create yours!

We hope that you learned a lot about what makes Ticketbud as the best Eventbrite alternative, but one of the best ticketing softwares in general. Ticketing software with live customer service is hard to come by, and we offer some of the fastest payouts in the industry. There are also a lot of cool features like repeating events, and custom CSS editing you can take advantage of.  Why not try us out?     Sign up Now!