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February 20, 2012  •  by Jane Carter

5 Ways Facebook Can Help You Own Your Event

Facebook has undoubtedly become an integral part of our society and the way we communicate and event planners from professional to volunteer have started to adopt the world’s largest social network as an invaluable tool for maximizing the success of their event. Here a few key ways you can use Facebook to give your next event a cost-efficient boost:  

1. Constant Collaborative Connectivity

As you begin your event planning, it’s crucial for organizers to be able to share ideas, changes, and updates with the planning committee as quickly and effectively as possible.  A “closed” or “secret” Facebook Group is an interactive way to share information collaboratively and is much faster than sending countless emails back and forth.  As an event organizer, this is a great way to delegate tasks and encourage committee members to exchange ideas and experiences.

2. Research Vendors

Choosing the right vendor for an event is one of the most critical choices an event organizer will make.  Viewing the user feedback on a vendor’s Facebook page is a great way to see honest opinions and reviews of a vendor.  If you see a lot of unsatisfied customers leaving negative reviews, it may be in your best interest to look elsewhere for the service needed. 3. Share Your Event While you may have an event page for your event on a separate website, creating an event on Facebook is a valuable way to share your event with friends and contacts.  Perhaps more importantly, when your friends and contacts respond to your event, other users can see their activity and potentially be drawn to the event as well.  Ticketbud offers convenient features to sync your event page with an event on Facebook, allowing you to direct potential attendees easily and efficiently to your site. 4.  Offer Rewards When a user on Facebook generates activity on your event such as a like, check-in, or a wall post, this activity is displayed to other users, effectively expanding your internet exposure.  A great way to encourage such activity is to offer rewards.  Offering 10% off drinks for checking-in at an event or a lower ticket price for people who “liked” the event is a powerful way encourage Facebook activity and potentially spark new sales. 5. Show the Sponsors Some Love When attempting to wrangle potential sponsors for your event, using Facebook recognition as an additional perk is an underrated way to offer sponsors positive online exposure.  Creating an album featuring a sponsor’s logo and tagging a sponsor in event updates are great ways to help sponsors expand their Facebook community and generate positive interest in their product or service.   These are just a few of the ways Facebook can be utilized to help your event go as smoothly as possible.  To familiarize yourself with these tools and find new ones of your own, use Facebook often and explore all that the largest social network on the planet has to offer.]]]]> ]]>