April 17, 2014  •  by Jane Carter

4 Uses for Event Registration That You Never Thought Of

event registrations that you could of never thought of. If you are planning a smaller event (relative to the last sold out concert that you attended), have no fear. Online event management has tools to optimize the attendance, planning and execution of any event. Here are 4 uses for event registration that you would never thought of: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

 1. House parties

Planning a party at your home (college party, dinner party etc.), can get expensive with food, beverages, decorations etc. You may ask your attendees to chip in a few bucks on their way in to help relieve some of the weight on your wallet. Let’s be honest though; not everybody will be pay you then and there. If you setup online ticketing, your unique event page will give your event a great look while easily collecting payments from attendees to help fund the party. You can even set the price as high or as low as you need it to be. This way you can accurately track attendance and afford everything you need to throw an awesome house party! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Meeting (1)

2. Organization Meetings

The attendance of your organization’s next meeting strongly influences  how much gets done and ultimately the success of the organization. Accountability of attendance can be difficult to enforce for an org at any level. If your org is strict on the attendance policy, online ticketing is an extremely useful tool. Members can RSVP in advance to a meeting or event, you can print out the official attendee list the day of and match that up with who is actually there. No one says you actually have to print your tickets 100% of the time. Use the service to help best fit your needs because the possibilities are endless.   _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

 3. Baby/Bridal Showers

Those of you that are expecting or recently engaged are familiar with the copious amounts ofplans and commitments that are involved.  Bringing your baby or wedding events online can reduce much of the inherent stress. Many families have to relay a lot of crucial information to out-of-town guests concerning direction,  event status, gift registry etc. An online event page keeps everybody up do date in real-time. As the event host, you also have the ability to contact all of your attendees simultaneously via email so all guests stays in the know. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

4. Classes

moksha If you love working out, you don’t a need to own a gym to help others get fit. If you are an artist, you don’t need an art studio to share your skills with others. With online ticketing, planning and running classes of any kind is easy. Create an event for individual classes or the entire course. All attendance and sales statistics are measured and at your disposal so you can know exactly who should be in your class and who shouldn’t. Ticketbud allows you to download all attendance and sales data onto excel  spreadsheets so taking attendance in class is fast and simple. Credit card processing is also taken care of too so you receive payments quickly and are able to hold attendees accountable. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ People value their time today more than ever, so sufficient attendance can be hard to come by. However, if you are a host of a small event, have no fear, puff out your chest and take assurance in the fact that online ticketing is at your disposal to simplify your event.  ]]]]> ]]>