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November 16, 2015  •  by Sean Burke

4 Reasons You Need Content Marketing

We’ve talked about all kinds of marketing for events on this blog, but one has been missing – until today.

Content Marketing is one of the most influential types of marketing out there and it comes in many shapes in sizes. From blog posts to how-to articles to videos to white papers, there isn’t a single event out there that couldn’t benefit from content marketing.

Today I’m going to talk about how events can use content marketing to help get new attendees to their events. Some of the most important types of content for events will be video, photo, news, and blog posts.

For this introductory part to the series, I want to talk about why content marketing is so powerful.

1. Content Marketing Will Make You Look Like Leader In Your Industry.

Let’s take two comic book conventions, A-Con and B-Con. A-Con (not to be confused with the rapper) has weekly emails detailing various happenings. B-Con also has weekly emails, but they also have blog posts detailing special guests like Harrison Ford and that one guy in the back of the cantina. Not just that, but B-Con also posts interviews from cosplayers and even has surveys asking attendees what they might like for next year.

So, which convention sounds like they’re at the top of their game? Which convention sounds like the one you’re going to want to go to? It’s not a trick question. It’s clear that that the convention putting out more content for their attendees is going to be the convention people flock to. Make no mistake, something as simple as a video can result in increased sales.

2. Content Marketing Will Make People Remember You More

Have you ever heard of Michelin Stars? A restaurant can be awarded from 1 to 3 stars, with 3 being coveted and tough to get. Most restaurants aren’t awarded Stars at all, so even being given a single Star can be a huge deal. If the name Michelin sounds familiar, that’s because it’s the Tire Company with the funny-looking mascot. While this might seem random, people now know the name Michelin across different industries. Your event’s name will stick in more people’s heads. Anecdotally, when first writing this article I was trying to think of examples and this is the first one I thought of simply because it was so interesting. And I just recently got a flat tire on my car and the first thought that popped into my head was to see about getting a set of Michelin tires.

Michelin Man Stars

3. People Come For the Content, Stay For The Brand

Watching a funny commercial or reading an in-depth white paper is something that most people are interested in. Hence, people will actually go out of their way to learn about a new topic or to watch the best Superbowl Commercials. But what happens when someone watches 10 wacky videos of a blender destroying iPhones, crayons, and Thanksgiving dinner? You start to consider purchasing that blender, even though you might have just started watching the videos for fun. Check out the two comments below:

[caption id="attachment_23038" align="alignnone" width="450"]Screenshot 2015-11-09 11.48.58 You’ll notice, of course, that they bought it on eBay. However, its competitor lost a customer due to the Will It Blend? campaign.[/caption]

Screenshot 2015-11-09 11.43.45

In 2007, spending precious time watching ads for products would be laughed at, but now it’s the norm. You can see just by those two photos that these videos which many (including myself) watched for fun ended up creating a huge profit for the company. And it has almost 900,000 subscribers on youtube – if even 1% of them purchased a blender for $400, that would be 9000 people buying a blender which is $3,600,000 in revenue.

4. Content Marketing Helps Identify What’s Important

When Jack, Megan or I start creating articles for the Ticketbud blog, we look over what we’ve done before and what’s been successful. We also take note of what might not have been as popular. Over time, we get better at what we’re doing and the blog posts we write now are, in my opinion, much better than blog posts we wrote even a year ago. Writing a lot of posts has helped us identify what readers coming to this blog like, and we now write better and more targeted posts because of that!

The other benefit is that as you write more, you become better at writing. As you record more videos or do more how-to’s, you become more competent at those tasks. Overall, creating content is not just good for getting more attendees, it’s good for your event as well.

Next week I’m going to start detailing the different ways to use Content Marketing for your event.

Next Week: I talk about Blogs

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