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August 16, 2016  •  by Sean Burke

2 Ways to Make Your Event Exclusive

It’s been said before but I’ll say it again here: exclusivity sells. Nothing makes people want something more than to be told they can’t have it (don’t believe me? Talk to anyone with a toddler and they’ll tell you it’s true).

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="372"] Telling her no makes her want it more. And scream louder.[/caption]   But how does this have anything to do with your event and ticketing? By using discount/promo codes and access codes you can create different ticket types that are hidden from the general public and exclusive to only a select few people, making them more enticing. To make this work, you need to understand the difference between promo codes and access codes and when to use which. Access Codes Access codes are exactly what they sound like: a code that you give out that allows an attendee to plug it in and see a special ticket type that wouldn’t otherwise show up. Access codes have limits on them that restrict how many tickets someone can purchase or even have many times that ticket access code can be used. This use is ideal for something like VIP tickets, which you would want to restrict the number of. In addition, they also allow for an end time where the code will no longer work which works amazingly well for pre-sales which you can make exclusive to members of organization or subscribers to your newsletter. [caption id="attachment_23606" align="aligncenter" width="585"]access Access codes: the gateway to ticket exclusivity.[/caption]   Both VIP tickets and Pre-Sales are incredibly useful for increasing your ticket sales as they are exclusive: VIP ticket sales are limited in number and allow for more access and pre-sale are only available to certain people who are in the know. Trust us, it totally works. One of our event organizers made over 60% of their ticket sales just in presale alone with access codes.   Access codes also work well for:
  • Sponsor tickets
  • Volunteer tickets
  • Any ticket you want not available to the general public
Convinced you need access codes? This help article makes access code set up a breeze!   Promo/Discount Codes If there is anything people love more than anything else, it’s saving money. Who doesn’t love keeping more money in their pocket? Discount codes are another way to increase ticket sales by 1) offering a way to save money and 2) rewarding and reinforcing the idea of exclusivity. Just like access codes, you can limit the discount codes to VIP members, newsletter subscribers or sponsors. It’s a great way to say thank you, you’re awesome and we appreciate it. Discount codes require you to create a unique, specific code that you can then determine if it has a specific percentage off, specific dollar amount off or even allowing the ticket to be free (though that may increase the number of tickets you sell, it really won’t help with making more money). [caption id="attachment_23607" align="aligncenter" width="583"] Discount Codes: Rolling back prices. But only if you’ve got the right code.[/caption]   Like access codes, discount codes also allow you to set number of uses or a window of time for the code to be used. This can limit your code, keeping people from sharing it with their friends and it having an unlimited number of uses. Totally down with discount codes? Great! Check out this help article for how to implement them! Whether access codes or discount codes work best for you, you still have options for increasing your ticket sales through targeted exclusivity. Now go forth and use your codes. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="285"] All about the codes.[/caption]  ]]]]> ]]>