Sell more tickets for restaurant and hospitality events

Sell more tickets for restaurant and hospitality events

Ticketbud is your ideal ticketing partner for restaurant and hospitality events. An all-inclusive and user-friendly event ticketing and registration solution.  Perfect for dining experiences, tasting sessions, trivia nights, watch parties and more.

Ticketbud partners with restaurant and hospitality businesses to create event solutions and packages to fit individual business needs. A successful event partnership offers our clients opportunities for customer engagement, creative new marketing initiatives, customer data, increased in-store revenue and predictive sales for budget forecasting. 

  • We only make money if you make money
    Unlike restaurant reservation booking tools, there is no subscription requirement and organizers can build our very low fees into the ticket price.
  • No additional hardware required
    We understand the pain points restaurant operators face with training staff on new POS or online ordering devices. We cut that out entirely with no hardware required to execute an in-store event with Ticketbud. A smooth and seamless online and in-store transaction.
  • Sell more with an optimized mobile check-out
    Sell more tickets with a frictionless mobile check-out optimized for mobile purchases, including Apple Pay and Google Pay integrations.


The Ticketbud Experience

Create free Event Pages and Branded Organization Pages

Set up an event page in minutes with quick and easy event page templates. You can also create an organization page to showcase multiple events in one place, a perfect opportunity for cross promotion of your events. An interactive calendar makes it easy for customers to preview all your upcoming events.

Unlimited Ticket Programming
Unlimited ticket types gives you flexibility for ticket programming. Create a variety of ticket types, packages and experiences to help you maximize ticket sales for your hospitality event. Bars, hotels and restaurants also use this to manage free registrations for weekly events such as a trivia night.

Robust Event Reporting.
The insights and data gained through event registrations is a great opportunity to learn more about your customer base and is of significant value for future promotions. With Ticketbud you own all your customer data and reporting, we don’t charge extra for it and we don’t sell your customer information.

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The Ticketbud Advantage

User friendly, all-in-one event ticketing and registration platform.

Manage everything in one place stress free with our complete ticketing solution. Seamlessly create events, promote, track and review with our user-friendly interface that includes powerful integrations and features.

All-inclusive pricing and early access to funds.
Access all features, unlimited ticketing options and customer support for one flat affordable rate. Flexible payout options (daily, weekly, monthly) give you early access to funds from sales before the event.

Flexibility to customize including white label solutions.
We can respond quickly to find custom solutions. Let us know what you need and we’ll work with you to achieve your objectives. Get in contact with the Ticketbud team if you would like to learn more about running hospitality events with Ticketbud.

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