Sell Corporate Event Tickets

Event Ticketing Tools to Drive Engagement with your Corporate Events

Corporate Event organizers have to juggle integrating their event ticket sales with the systems used by other departments like Marketing or Sales. Ticketbud makes customer management across all of them a breeze.

  • Full integration with Facebook and Google Analytics give you full insights to your event marketing efforts.
  • 3rd Party integrations like PayPal, Stripe, Salesforce, Facebook and more have everything you need to keep track of ROI. Work across teams to share reports at the ticket, transactional, and event level. Take sales and revenue data and automate the reconciliation process with any department in your organization.
  • Collaborate with your whole team to create pages that will make your conference stand out from the crowd

Ticketbud has everything you need to manage tickets for your Corporate Event:

  • It’s never been easier to get exposure for your event. ¬†Use Social and Email channels to promote your event to prospects and existing customers.
  • Organize attendance — even at the last minute — by using Ticketbud’s full-featured reporting
  • Our laptop check-in software, mobile scanning app, and PDF lists make it easy to check-in attendees anytime, anywhere.