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Ticketbud is an online ticketing system and registration platform that enables event organizers to sign-up for free, with no credit card information required. Once signed up, you have full access to our platform and all its features. 

Free and registration only events, are always free to host on Ticketbud. You only need to connect a payment account when you want to start selling paid tickets. The platform can still be completely free for event organizers however. Our low 2% ticketing fee +0.99c service charge per ticket sold can be passed on to ticket buyers, by building it into the price of your ticket. This enables event organizers to sell tickets on the platform for free, with ticketing fees covered by ticket sales. 

If you don’t make money, we don’t make money. So it’s in our interest to give you the best platform, with features and tools to help you maximize sales. 

Transparent All-inclusive Pricing 

With Ticketbud you get transparent pricing and a simple fee structure that gives you all-inclusive access to our features and tools. No hidden fees or charges.  

Ticketbud’s all-inclusive low rate: 2% ticketing fee +0.99c service charge per ticket sold. Use our pricing calculator to help you determine the cost structure of your event

  • All-inclusive means you have access to the entire ticketing system, ongoing customer support, unlimited ticketing options, promotion and communication resources, mobile check-in app and comprehensive reporting. You also own all your data and customer contact information. The only additional charges we have is if you want to take up event protection coverage or rentable devices for your event
  • Price transparency is important when comparing online ticketing systems. Many providers make it hard to see the final cost, and you end up paying much more than you thought. Don’t be fooled by entry level packages offered by other ticketing platforms. Often not ideal for first time users, they can be highly restrictive and rarely include customer support. Organizers often find that once signed up, they quickly get pushed into a higher fee package to get the functionality they need.
  • Don’t pay ongoing or monthly fees. Why pay subscription fees for a service you aren’t using all the time. With Ticketbud, fees are tied to sales, we only make money when you do. You get ongoing unrestricted access to your account at no charge.
  • Free to sign-up and get started. Create an account and try the platform to ensure it works for you before spending any money.
  • Ticketbud offers discounted fees for non-profits, educational institutions and students. 
  • Get paid early with flexible payout options (daily, weekly, monthly) enable early access to funds before the event. Some other platforms make you wait up to 30 days after the event ends or charge extra fees for cashing out.

Ticketbud has a firm eye on the customer experience for both event organizers managing events and ticket buyers attending events. We provide a mobile optimized platform to help you maximize ticket sales on mobile devices. Recent enhancements take the user experience to the next level, making our user-friendly event ticketing platform even easier to navigate.  

Ticketbud’s included customer support is what sets us apart from the competition. Our customers have unrestricted access to real help, real people and real answers. We’re there every step of the way, with our team available via phone, email and chat.

We make ticketing easy, so you can focus on your event. 

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