How to Create Custom Questions

In this tutorial we show you how to create custom questions.

As attendees register or purchase tickets for your event, you have the option to ask them questions. The questions can be required or optional, and can be applied to specific ticket types or all tickets.

Common uses for custom questions:

How to Create Custom Ticket Layouts

In this video tutorial we show you how to customize your ticket layout design.

You can create different ticket layouts for your various ticket types. A parking ticket for example might include directions and a parking map.

This is an optional feature that gives you greater flexibility in your ticketing experience, as well as an additional branding opportunity.

Example custom ticket design

How to Create Tickets for Your Event

This tutorial walks you through how to create tickets for your event. Learn how to use our ticket editor and manage ticket settings. We don’t restrict the number of ticket types you can create.

In this Tutorial:

The tutorial also includes an introduction to complementary tickets, offline sales and custom questions.