Product Update (3/29)

                            Here’s a help article that gives an overview of your new reporting dashboard. In addition to the dashboard, we’ve added new reporting layers that answer your data-driven questions. This includes a sales map that provides the exact location of where each purchase occurs. You can use the map to understand the ROI on your advertising campaigns in different geographic areas. Screen%20Shot%202016-03-09%20at%2011.16.48%20AM                               As part of our continued progress towards building an organizational hub, we’ve added functionality for pulling data across all of your events. We talked about adding quick ticket search and have now added the ability to export your entire attendee list. Now with the click of a button, you’ll have access to your entire list of attendees. b2b51dd9361a477a9eb56464b4a286bc-1457541521358                   As always, let us know your thoughts on this new release. We build features based on your direct feedback so don’t be a stranger!]]]]> ]]>

Product Update: Quick Ticket Search Across All Your Events

Search Tickets interface. Found right on your My Events dashboard, you can now quickly search attendees across all your events. No longer will you need to drill down into each event’s ticket sales to get your questions answered.

  quick_search The possibilities are endless. You can look up any ticket purchase to any of your events from the past year. Just simply search their email, first, or last name and you’re finished. It’s that simple. You’ll also have access to attempted purchases as well. quickticket                         The Search Tickets interface is accessible for individual Ticketbud accounts and accounts using our Ticketbud for Organizations functionality.]]]]> ]]>

Introducing WePay: Making Daily Ticket Payouts a Reality

can now collect ticket sales on either a monthly, weekly, or even a daily basis.   Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 3.09.04 PM   For many event organizers, collecting funds after the event ends is problematic. Event expenses build up: speakers, venue rental, catering, security…the list goes on and on. This forces organizers into a frantic scramble to get everyone paid. We’ve been racking our brains on how to remove this stress inducer and now we have a solution. Daily ticket payouts is made possible with our marketplace partner WePay. Through the partnership, US based customers can upgrade their payment processor in minutes to access lightning fast payouts. We chose to work with WePay not only because of their payout speed but also because of their product & team. You’ll love the complete control over your funds along with their excellent customer support. Selling tickets online has never been this easy. To upgrade to WePay for your next event, simply follow the instructions here. As always, we love hearing your feedback. Please give our support team a shout if you have any questions about this announcement or just anything in general. We’re obsessive with your event’s success! Helpful Links:

]]]]> ]]>

Ticketbud and Zapier

Do you ever wish you had more hours in the day to plan your event? We all know that organizing an event is a time consuming endeavor. Between ironing out venue logistics and executing marketing campaigns, you probably find yourself trying to squeeze as many tasks as possible to make your deadlines. It’s why our platform exists; to take care of the ticketing and attendee management aspects so you can focus on making your event massively successful. Beyond just ticketing, we understand that event organizers use a number of additional services to assist in the planning process. Many of these services leverage attendee data that comes directly from Ticketbud. For example, we’ve seen many of our customers use an email marketing tool like Mailchimp to announce upcoming events to past attendees. The problem up until this point is getting that attendee data into another service. It required many steps to complete. Thankfully, this is no longer the case. Zapier is the glue that makes it easy for anyone to connect their web services together, saving time and improving productivity. When an action occurs within one service, Zapier automates an action to occur on another service. Today, we’re excited to announce the official Ticketbud partnership with Zapier, making it easier than ever to integrate Ticketbud with over 300 services instantly.

How can Ticketbud and Zapier help me with my event?

The Ticketbud Zapier extension includes triggers that can be setup to send your attendee data to Zapier. From there, the possibilities are endless. Think about all the times you’ve had to manually export and import your attendee data from Ticketbud into another service. With Zapier, all of these tasks are completed automatically forever through the click of a button. Below, we selected a few Zaps that we thought would benefit our event organizers: As Zapier continues to add new services, the possibilities keep expanding. We’ll continue adding more popular Zaps to our zapbook. Leave a comment below if you have any Zaps you’d like to see! Start using Zapier with Ticketbud here.  ]]]]> ]]>