Reserved Seating by Ticketbud: Customizable Seating Charts for Any Event

Ticketbud’s newest feature goes a long way in helping event organizers plan gala dinners, plays, concerts, or sporting events that require reserved seating support.

Reserved Seating by Ticketbud elevates the attendee experience and maximizes revenue potential by giving organizers flexibility to customize pricing per seat or area. The new feature includes venue mapping tools and custom seating charts. It also includes interactive seat selection allowing ticket buyers to choose their preferred seats with ease. 

“I love the service. It’s perfect for organizing large-scale events where you don’t want the added stress of organizing a seating chart,” said Ticketbud customer Cynthie de Guzman. “I first used the reserve seating feature when I was registering for my daughter’s dance competition. The process (as an attendee) was so seamless that I had to recommend Ticketbud when I joined the committee to organize her school’s fundraising dinner.” 

Build and Map Your Event Venue

Ticketbud’s reserved seating function offers a venue mapping tool. This allows event organizers to build and showcase their venue layout to ticket buyers. The mapping tool is fully customizable for organizers looking to sell individual seats or entire tables and sections. It also helps organizers view and allocate accessible seating with access to amenities and exits. 

Providing a map of the venue gives attendees the power to choose their own event experience. It also eliminates stress on event day to know their seat is available whenever they arrive. There is no need to come early or ask a friend to save seats.

Check out the following examples of how the mapping tool can be used for different reserved seating events:

Reserved Table Seating Arrangements

The tables tool allows event organizers to map a venue with circular or rectangular tables with any number of seats. Table labels can reflect different ticket types, such as VIP versus general admission. 

Event organizers can also choose to group entire tables together for a sale, or sell each seat individually. Settings can also be adjusted to prevent orphaned seats.

Reserved Theater Seating

Using the sections tool, event planners can build out rows of reserved seating, perfect for concerts, plays, or comedy shows. Organizers can also include other points of interest, such as the location of the stage, exits, bathrooms, or refreshment stands. 

Reserved Sectional Seating

No seats? No problem. The sections tool also allows event organizers to draw open-seating sections. Use it for a park event to prevent overcrowding or to create general admission or VIP spaces at any event. 

Create Tiered Ticketing Options for Reserved Seating

The venue map gives attendees the full venue picture, so organizers can easily create and justify pricing tiers based on the seating location. Having multiple pricing options for reserved seats maximizes revenue potential for event organizers. It also makes the event inclusive to lower and higher purchasing levels. This ensures every event goer feels as though they’re getting a good deal.

Auto Assign Attendees to the Best Seat Available

In addition to assigning different pricing levels to reserved seats, event organizers can also rank each seat in the venue. This score is applied to the seat ranker algorithm, which helps attendees identify and purchase the best seats in the house. Or, they can let the system auto-select the best option available. 

Manage Season Tickets – coming soon

Season tickets is an additional feature of reserved seating which is currently in testing with select clients. This feature helps event organizers guarantee their season ticket holders or members have their same seats at each event. The function also gives ticket holders the option to renew or upgrade their seats or member passes. 

Receive Full Customer Support for Reserved Seating

As with any feature in the Ticketbud stack, Reserved Seating by Ticketbud is fully backed and supported by amazing customer service. Our support team will help build and map your reserved seating venue, customizing the tool to your events specific needs. To get started, reach out to

Reserved seating is FREE for a limited time. Enquire now.