Basic Google AdWords for Event Planners

You’ll notice, of course, right off the bat, that the first two results past the pictures are ads, and then there after all this are the “organic” (this means unpaid) results. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Ads are extremely powerful in this scenario, as people are statistically much more likely to click on the first 1-3 results and then much more sparingly after that. So now that you know this, let’s look into utilizing Google Adwords for your event!

Also, before we go any further, I should note that Adwords is not right for everyone, especially depending on your ticket price and your location. I only recommend you use Adwords if you are located in an urban center or area with a large population, and if your ticket prices are at least $10-15. 

For New Users
In this section, I’m going to walk you through the account creation and first ad creation. It’s quite simple, however there are always things to watch out for! The first thing you’ll need to do before anything is create an Adwords account if you haven’t already. Simply go to and click the blue “Start Now” button. If you already have an Adwords account/have used Adwords before, you can skip this portion and head down to “Optimizing Your Ads”.

After all that, you’re all set! Be sure your landing page is the actual website for people to see your event, and set that green URL as your website as well. Click “Save”, then go to Billing and Review. You’re finished!
Note: We are not affiliated with empireatx, but they are pretty cool so I wanted to use them as my example.

Optimizing Your Ads
Here’s a few tips for optimizing your ads for not only the highest CTR (click through rate, which is calculated as Clicks/Impressions) but also for saving your money.

There you have it- you now have all the basic knowledge to run a successful Google Ad campaign! As always, be willing to learn new information and you’ll also want to stay up to date on new happenings in the ad space to make the most out of your budget. You’ll find that this takes very little of your time but can have drastic results. I’ll be writing more about Search Engine Marketing for Event Marketers and Planners, so stay tuned and thanks again for reading!