Sell More Tickets With This Checklist

testAt Ticketbud, you have the opportunity to use sub-domain’s to customize your event ticketing page. Awesome right? Absolutely, but only if you make sure to use it. Customizing your sub-domain does a lot of things:

It is important to also remember, that your sub-domain doesn’t change! So don’t name it after the event, name it after your organization. So, if I was part of a rebel alliance determined on overthrowing a totalitarian regime with an obsession with black and wanted to host an event talking about their latest superweapon and sell tickets to the event, my URL would be: Now when people google for “the rebel alliance” this URL will show up in their search, increasing odds of them purchasing tickets and you getting money. tbcheck2 screencapture-ticketbud-com-admin-events-1d7627f6-49ef-11e6-93a5-1315e502a949-interactive-1468520149822 Having too many ticket options sounds great in theory. You offer people a lot of options so that no matter what they’re looking for, they have it right? Makes everyone happy! Wrong. The more ticket types you have the more difficult it is for your customer. Now, instead of deciding if they want General Admission or VIP they have to decide between multiple things and can lead to customers getting frustrated and leaving. Don’t let this happen to you. If you have more than 5 different ticket types, look at what types of options you’re offering. Do you need to offer a 3-person group ticket, a family of 4 ticket and a family of 5 ticket? See what you can combine and what you can get rid of. Your customers will thank you. tbcheck3 Your Facebook page already has fans and followers, so why wouldn’t you make it so much easier for them to purchase tickets there? Our Facebook widget allows customers to purchase right there from your Facebook page or a button that will take them to your event ticketing page. Either way it makes it so much easier to convert that we think it is one of the most important things you include. In fact, events that used the Facebook widget to sell tickets had a 14% increase in sales before the event. Earlier ticket sales means earlier money in the bank. We even made an awesome how-to guide, just click here! tbcheck4titleYou would think having a title is a no brainer but you’d be surprised how many people seem to jump past it and straight into the meat and potatoes of the event page. We don’t blame you, putting the images and tickets together is super fun but a title is necessary. How necessary? Events with no title sell 28% fewer tickets than their titled counterparts. When an event comes up in search, the first thing displayed is the title, without that, no one knows what your event is about at first glance. Having a title also indexes your event better in Google search (all about that SEO) which, again, makes it rank higher in search results, ensuring more of your customers will come across it when they’re looking for tickets. So make sure your title is descriptive but also engaging! “What Is The Death Star About” let’s everyone know exactly what our event will be about and also makes it seem open and appealing to a general audience who may not know what the Death Star is. Also it looks good. tbcheck5 map2 Having a map with location up on your event page may seem unnecessary but here me out. Let’s say you have someone that wants to go to the event you’re having at the Mos Eisley Cantina but they’re based in Coruscant and aren’t sure what part of the back rim Mos Eisley is in. Well, having a map below allows your customers to see where your event is, how to get there and all without having to leave the ticketing page. It makes things easier for them and better for you. Be sure to add your event location in under your title and Ticketbud will automatically use Google Maps to drop a pin in the location for you! Super easy. Also, if your having an event in a well known venue (like Mos Eisley Cantina) you’re able to add venue name in under the location as well. tbcheck6 descriptionThe description box is the place to go nuts with information. The more information, the better (mostly) and will give the customer everything they need without leaving to find it somewhere else. The obvious things like Where and When and What are obvious but other things to include:   tbcheck7 If a picture is worth a thousand words then consider these your event pitch. We know people are visual; we all respond more viscerally to an image than just to words so why wouldn’t you use this with your event? Remember back when I said that you have to be heard in a crowded ocean of events and stand out? This is one of the best ways of doing so. A well placed banner can inform an opinion on your event. It can change the look from “this is a small band of uninformed and unskilled resisters” to a legitimate organization dispelling important information and leading an organized rebellion. tbcheck8 payout Payout set-up is important to make sure that at the end of the day, you get paid. If you’re in the US, we recommend using WePay as it allows for daily payouts and getting your money faster is always better. If you’re outside the US, your best payment processor option right now is through Stripe, though we do accept multiple forms of payment processors. Make sure that your monetary denomination is the same as the country the bank processing the payments is located in, not necessarily where you are or the event is located. That means, if I’m running an event on the farthest moon of Endor, but I’m based on Yavin 4 along with my bank, then my bank needs to be in Yavinese notes. Also, keep in mind that all banks and processors have their own rules and regulations regarding out of country transactions. tbcheck9 time2 Ticketbud is based in the best city in the galaxy (as far as we’re concerned), Austin, so the timezone on your event page is automatically set to Central U.S. but we understand that you may be anywhere. Make sure you’ve adjusted the time zones for where the event will be. Not necessarily where you are so that all tickets and information display correctly. And that’s it! That’s all you need to get started with your event page in making it successful. Pretty soon, you’ll be selling tickets right and left! bb8 thumbs up]]]]> ]]>