Boost Event Revenue with Products and Merchandise

Selling event products and merchandise creates a symbol of shared experiences, with the power to increase revenue and brand exposure. 

This upselling tool takes the form of t-shirts, tote bags, souvenirs, or event programs and is often used at events to commemorate experiences and foster community engagement. 

It’s a strategic and multifaceted approach that has benefits far beyond the event itself. So, how can event organizers make the most of their product and merchandise sales? And how can they  leverage Ticketbud’s products and merchandising tools to facilitate sales? Find out more below.

Drive Revenue and Boost Brand Exposure

Beyond the primary goals of the event, merchandise sales contribute to the overall financial and marketing success of an event. 

Attendees often view event merchandise as a lasting memento. This emotional connection enhances the perceived value of the merchandise, influencing sales and brand loyalty. Additionally, revenue generated from merchandise sales increases overall event profits and can be reinvested in future events. This creates a sustainable cycle of engagement, financial growth, and brand promotion.

Additionally, products and merchandise are an invaluable marketing tool. One study by the Advertising Specialty Institute showed that promotional merchandise increases brand recall by 80%. Attendees who proudly wear or display event-branded merchandise become walking ambassadors, exposing the brand to a broader demographic outside of the event.

Hosting Pre-Sales on Event Merch with Ticketbud

Merchandise can also help with event promotion. For example, event organizers may excite audiences through promotional rollouts that unveil branded merch designs. They may also offer discounts on products if purchased before the event to influence sales and limit lines during the event. 

Ticketbud offers great tools to help with such efforts. With our Products/Merchandise tools, event organizers can add merchandise and products directly to their event website for attendees to purchase after selecting their tickets. 

The products will appear on the ticket confirmation page before attendees finalize their purchase. Each item can be offered as a unique inventory item with various sizes, colors, or styles.

Sales of specific products and merchandise can also be restricted to specific ticket purchasers. This feature allows event organizers to put together ticketing packages that include merchandise, such as VIP packages with exclusive memorabilia, while allowing other ticket buyers to opt into tangible add-ons. 

Attendees who purchased products or merchandise along with their tickets can redeem their purchase at the event through scannable vouchers. Event organizers also have the option to print off a list of products or to search by email in the Redeem Products section of the event dashboard. 

To start selling event products or merchandise on your event registration website, visit 

How to Increase Event Merchandise and Product Sales

To get the most buy-in on event merchandise sales, these products cannot be an afterthought. Instead, merchandise and products should tie directly to the overall event branding and promotional strategy and keep the target audience at the top of mind. 

For successful event merchandise and product sales, consider the following tips:

  1. Create a consistent theme for your designs
  2. Select products that are trendy and appeal to your audience
  3. Invest in quality products
  4. Include merchandise promotional campaigns for your event
  5. Use pre-sales to boost product sales ahead of the event

For more information, read the Ticketbud press release.