What event reporting does Ticketbud offer?

Real-time comprehensive reporting where you own all your data!

With Ticketbud you get real-time event tracking, with complete access to ticket sales and attendee information. Ticketbud allows you to generate a range of customizable reports for easy reconciliation and accounting.

Reporting options include sales by ticket or all tickets, sales by transaction, sales maps, on the door sales with point of sale breakdown, scans by hour and scans by user.

Comprehensive Reporting

Is the site mobile optimized?

Yes! Ticketbud is mobile optimized from from the event page though to the checkout experience.

Most people are looking at events on their mobile devices. Ticketbud maximizes conversion rates with a mobile optimized interface from event page through to checkout. Integrations with one click payment options such as Apple Pay and Google Pay also create a smooth checkout experience for ticket buyers.

Is customer support included?

Yes! Real human customer support is included for all Ticketbud customers, at no extra cost. We’re here to help every step of the way, by phone, email and chat.

Some providers charge a premium for customer support. If you’re new to online ticketing you want to have a real person you can talk to if you need help. Our customers also have access to our help center and ticketbud tutorials.

Does Ticketbud offer early payouts for events?

Yes! Ticketbud offers daily, weekly and monthly payout options.

Early access to your funds before your event can help cover significant upfront costs (promotion, venue hire, entertainment, catering etc). Some ticketing companies hold on to your ticket revenue until well after your event. With Ticketbud you don’t wait to get paid!

Get paid fast with early access to funds

Is a free event website included?

Yes! We make it quick and easy to set up an event webpage that you can sell tickets from. No technical expertise required.

Customize your event page for your brand. Include event details, images, videos, maps, sponsor logos and social sharing options.

We also have a ticket widget you can use to easily insert our ticketing directly onto your own website.

Create a free custom event website with Ticketbud