Can offline or cash sales be recorded on Ticketbud?

Yes! To keep your data in one place for accurate reporting, we give you the ability to record any offline sales for your event.

Ticketbud has an offline tickets function that allows you to record sales from tickets processed offline. When it comes to reconciling ticket sales, it is important to have accurate information on hand. This is also handy when sponsors would like to send in a check to avoid paying processing fees. Ticketbud offers offline cash/check account management.

Can event tickets be shown in calendar view?

Yes! Your event tickets can be presented as a calendar where attendees select a specific day/time for their ticket.

A booking calendar is perfect for multi-day/time events or sessions. It makes it easy for
registrants or ticket buyers to select a specific date and time. Ticketbud also makes it easy for
you to embed this calendar on your own website in addition to your free ticketbud landing page.

Does Ticketbud offer customizable ticket layouts?

Yes! Ticketbud gives you the flexibility to create your own custom ticket layout.

You can upload any design to fit our template, embed a schedule of events on the bottom of your printed tickets or sponsor information and coupons. You can also customize the ticket design for different ticket types. A parking ticket might include a parking map for example.

How to create custom ticket layout

Can I create custom questions to ask attendees?

Yes! Create custom questions that you ask all attendees or questions for specific ticket types.

This allows you to gather information from attendees before your event such as dietary requirements, sign-ups for break-out sessions, t-shirt size, or feedback on how they heard about your event.

How to create custom questions on Ticketbud

Does Ticketbud offer promotional discount and access code functionality?

Yes! Easily create promotional discount and access codes for your tickets. Offer special promotional prices to certain members or target audiences with exclusive offers.

Ticketbud’s discount code functionality applies a percentage or dollar amount discount to an existing ticket type for people with a promotional code.

Our access code functionality reveals a hidden ticket type, only visible to those with the code. This is useful for ticket types you don’t want everyone to see (ideal for partner or sponsor tickets).

Does Ticketbud charge more for multiple ticket types?

No! Ticketbud gives you the ability to create unlimited ticket types, with no additional cost. This helps you create great ticket programming to sell more tickets.

Buying behaviour trends show that ticket programming with multiple ticket types is the key to jumpstarting and maximizing ticket sales. Be aware of providers that charge more for multiple ticket types.

With unlimited ticket types you can create early bird sales, exclusive VIP experiences, group packages, tiered pricing, family passes, food and beverage packages, event merchandise, donations, complementary and sponsor tickets.

What data security is provided?

Ticketbud provides a secure platform for event organizers and your attendees. 

Ticketbud’s ticketing platform is served over SSL, meaning you can be sure that all data transferred is secure. SSL is a type of encryption protocol that secures data between browsers and servers so it can’t be intercepted. This prevents hackers from reading customer information. SSL certificates create a safer website experience for businesses and customers.

Ticketbuds payment processing uses the very latest PCI DSS card-security standards. We are also GDPR compliant.

Ticketbud customers can also use single sign-on (SSO), a session and user authentication service that permits a user to use one set of login credentials, logging in with a single ID to multiple software systems.

Unlike competitors, Ticketbud ensures you have complete ownership and access to your ticketing and attendee data. We do not charge more for it and we don’t sell it to anyone else. We also don’t promote other events on our platform to your customers.